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R&D Team of IUM attended the 2023 Annual Meeting of Asia-Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS2023)
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On July 31-August 5, Huang Xiangyu, Zhang Hanbin, and Xie Yanhui, researchers from IUM were invited to AOGS2023 which was held in Singapore.

At the meeting, Researcher Huang Xiangyu, Chief Scientist of IUM, introduced the assimilation system of RMAPS and extensively analyzed the inconsistency in rainfall forecasting in his presentation titled Data Assistance and the Precision Forecast Inconsistency. Zhang Hanbin, associate professor of IUM presented the latest research and development progress of RMAPS-EN in his speech titled Research on the influence of uncertainty from background field and lateral boundary conditions and improvement of large scale prediction in control permitting ensemble prediction system. Xie Yanhui, associate professor of IUM gave an oral report entitled Impact of Assisting FY-4A Atmospheric Motion Vectors on Henan 7.20 Rainstorm Forecast in 2021 to present the error characteristics of FY-4A atmospheric motion vectors (AMVs) and the impact of its assimilation application on the extreme rainstorm event in Henan, China in July 2021.

Three researchers from IUM introduced the current research achievements of IUM in heavy precipitation forecasting technology, data assimilation, numerical model parameterization schemes, atmospheric predictability, and model development as well as applications thhrough their reports at the meeting. In addition, they have also enhanced international cooperation via friendly and in-depth communications with experts and scholars around the world. 


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