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IUM Exerted Full Efforts During Firsst Rainfall of Primary Flood Season
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    Between July 20th and 22nd, Beijing experienced its first rainfall of the primary flood season, witnessing widespread heavy rain and localized intense downpours. The CMA-BJ model of the Institute of Urban Meteorology, CMA, Beijing (IUM) played a pivotal role in offering vital technical support during this period.

     In accordance with the directives of the municipal authorities, researchers from the IUM were stationed at the Beijing Meteorological Observatory to track the forecasting performance of the CMA-BJ model and interpret the model product. Additionally, the IUM's severe convective field observation test team executed encrypted observational tests, furnishing real-time analysis products.

    This rainfall spanned 46 hours. The personnel from the IUM, alongside the entirety of the meteorological department, exhibited a strong sense of responsibility and commitment. Collaborating with diverse city departments and industries, they remained steadfast on the frontlines, working diligently to ensure the city's secure functioning and safeguarding the well-being of the people.

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