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Invention patent: Early warning method applicable to natural slopes and urban waterlogging depths
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Recently, the "Early Warning Method Applicable to Natural Slopes and Urban Waterlogging Depth" by Meng Chunlei of the IUM, was granted as a patent by the National Invention Patent.

The applicant proposed an early warning method suitable for natural slopes and the depth of waterlogging in cities and invented a three-dimensional moisture circulation module suitable for both urban and natural underlying surface to obtain an accurate amount of accumulated water in each grid area. When the amount of accumulated water at a certain grid exceeds a preset value, an alarm message is sent out for a risk warning.

The patent can simultaneously simulate the submersion condition and depth of submersion caused by natural torrential rain on the underlying surface, as well as the depth and submersion of waterlogged water in the cities. Moreover, it can improve water circulation and distribution of cities and the natural underlying surface, thereby improving the simulation of the key variable soil humidity of geo-gas interaction. It is of paramount significance for numerical weather forecasting. Meanwhile, it serves as a tool for researching climate change and monitoring agricultural moisture content. The prospect of transforming and applying scientific and technological achievement is promising.


Figure 1. The early warning method can better simulate the depth of waterlogging on the road (left) Wuyuanqiao Road Station, and (right) Liudaokou Road Station


Figure 2. Considering the three-dimensional moisture cycle can improve soil moisture simulation. Soil humidity increases in low-lying areas (left) and decreases in slopes (right)

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