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Director's Speech

To Build a World-leading Center for Urban Meteorological Science & Technology


Cities as important carriers for the promotion and implementation of national strategies are the key to building national innovation capability. However, it should be noted that the vulnerability of the urban system in the face of various disasters has become increasingly apparent with the gradual acceleration of the urbanization process in China. In that case, IUM should take charge of handling a series of complex weather problems emerged in the urban construction and development.

As the national political center, cultural center, scientific and technological innovation center and international exchange center, Beijing plays a pivotal role in the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the construction of the Xiong'an New Area. It is fortunate for IUM to shoulder the glorious mission of participating in the national development and construction, concerning and solving meteorological science and technology problems detected in the development of megacities in China.

With continuous improvement of the ability of urban meteorological technology innovation, IUM's advanced direction is to build a world-leading urban meteorological technology innovation center, a demonstration base closely combining scientific research and business, and a training base for urban meteorological talents.

With persevering efforts, IUM has initially formed an urban meteorological technology innovation system and an innovative development talent team covering from scientific research, R&D of model system, as well as business promotion and application. Focusing on dominant research areas, IUM will establish a technological innovation team with core competitiveness through actively cultivating and introducing talents, actively promote cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research business units, and conduct interdisciplinary, cross-field, and cross-regional meteorological technology problem tackling and innovation practice, so as to constantly promote innovation results to serve the country's advancement and construction.

I firmly believe that the prospect will be bright. IUM will adhere to the motto of  “ Perfect Virtue, Research Advocating, Truth Seeking, Innovation Pursuing ” to jointly build a hopeful road for the development of urban meteorological technology innovation base on needs of global and national urbanization development.

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